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Prostatectomy & Other Surgeries

Surgery is No Solution

Apart from the possible side effects (impotence, incontinence etc.) some men who have had this operation to cure chronic prostatitis have had as many or more symptoms after the operation as before. This topic has been discussed openly by urologists here.

Prostatectomy Case History from the archives

I have been with the same man for nearly two years. About 1.5 years before I met him he had a Prostatectomy. His vascular bundles were severed and sutured. When we met he was impotent. He regained his ability to achieve an erection after a few months, although it was sometimes difficult for him to keep the erection. His interest in sex was high, and we had a very active sex life even though he described his orgasms as "muffled," and about 1/10 the intensity of pre-surgery orgasms. Now his sex drive is pretty much gone. During orgasm his testicles get drawn up higher into his body, which he says is a very uncomfortable sensation. He says that it has created a situation somewhat like aversion therapy for him. He also thinks that his testicles and scrotum are getting smaller. He thought that maybe a testosterone patch would remedy the libido problem, and he asked his psychiatrist to prescribe it. The psychiatrist refused saying that it is normal for a man his age (57). I don't believe it. We now have sex once or twice a month, or once every couple months. This is having a terrible effect on me, which in turn will have a terrible effect on both of us.


Other Surgical Procedures

TURP, WIT, TUNA and other procedures have not produced consistently good results in recent studies, although low temperature (40-47 deg C) Water Induced Thermotherapy (WIT) is showing some promise in the hands of Drs Guercini (Rome, Italy) and Shoskes (Florida, USA).