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A "state of the art" article in Best Life magazine (April 2007):

The Sex Destroyer

Read about the big swing in thinking sweeping through the urology world!
March 2006, Urology Times:

Neurophysiologic tests for CP/CPPS show promise

Pelvic pain shows range of effects on sexual function

Psychological therapies may benefit CP/CPPS patients

New names for pelvic pain could advance treatments

Data suggest sources of chronic, acute pain differ

Chronic pain: It's time to think outside the box

Clinicians urged to adopt new model of chronic pain

Genetics could explain chronic pelvic pain

Acupuncture May be the Answer to Prostatitis
Old concepts gradually falling away.... and help from an unusual quarter! July 2002

Chronic Prostatitis - "The Other Prostate Problem"
(besides prostate cancer and benign enlargement). An overview from early 2002.

IC Research has Answered Many Questions, but Not All
December 2001

New bacteria strains found in prostatitis patients
November 2001

Chronic prostatitis symptoms stabilize over time
November 2001

Prostatitis - A Disease which Begs Understanding
JAMA article from July 25, 2001

Chronic prostatitis may have autoimmune component : Research documents evidence of self-reactivity to PSA; may point to a therapeutic target.
Dr Richard Alexander is confident that autoimmunity is the cause of CP/CPPS for a subset of patients.

Plant extracts show effect in chronic prostatitis.
Dr Shoskes on phytotherapy.

Antibiotics offer little help in category IIIb patients : Cure rate of 53% at 6 weeks drops to 3% at 18 months following antibiotic therapy.
Category IIIb patients (no bacteria, no inflammation) show little improvement over placebo and experienced a high rate of adverse reactions when treated with antibiotics, this European study found.

Inflammatory marker high, endorphins low in prostatitis.
CP/CPPS patients have high levels of a marker for inflammation and low levels of a natural opioid.

COX-2 inhibitor may relieve prostatitis symptoms : Half of men with noninflammatory prostatitis report 'good' improvement at higher dose.
J. Curtis Nickel, MD, reports equivocal results using COX-2 drugs.

Recognizing CP/CPPS as multifactorial a big step forward.
Anthony J. Schaeffer, MD, on individualized treatment strategies.

Only a Small Number of People Know the Facts about Prostatitis
Sad, but true. It's the "Hidden Disease of Men".