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Hormones and CP/CPPS

Rodent prostates can be inflamed by administering estrogens and phytoestrogens. A typical study abstract: Development of rat prostatitis model by oral administration of isoflavone and its characteristics

A urologist comments:

The induction of HISTOLOGIC INFLAMMATION in rodent prostates with estrogens has recently been discussed. I have to admit not being up on that particular strata of basic science literature but will make a few remarks:

1) The scientists are manipulating rat prostates hormonally to induce inflammation. This is more akin to Type IV CP, NOT Type III (or II). Do the rats have pain in their testicles? Do they have perineal aches? Do they feel like they've got a golfball stuck up their butts? Do they have symptoms of CPPS? Who knows. Rats can't tell us.

2) This is important as we know that CPPS is a syndromic ailment that according to some studies isn't always accompanied by histologic inflammation (I believe the UW group demonstrated this in their biopsy study, right?) Therefore trying to use this particular animal model as a proxy for the human disease of CPPS requires a leap of faith across a couple of Grand Canyon sized chasms IMHO.

Therefore, I certainly do not disdain anyone from doing some half-assed anecdotal experiment on themselves with "hormonal manipulation" but must raise the question of whether histologic inflammation in the mouse prostate induced by subQ estrogen or soy-based phyto-estrogens is the same as CPPS, and I don't think it is.

Our comment

Biopsies show that histological prostatic inflammation is found in many men who have no symptoms of CP/CPPS. It is also found in Prostate Cancer and BPH biopsies.