Note about recent success stories

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Note about recent success stories

Post by webslave » Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:56 pm

As cures and successes have become more commonplace and less remarkable, I've stopped adding them to the Success Stories forums. I leave them in the General Discussion forum.

What often happens now is that a member will just add a post, often into someone else's thread, casually mentioning that they have had, say, an 80% improvement, and still moving in the right direction. That usually turns out to be the last, or one of the last messages that the member posts. Is that a success story? I think so, but it's mentioned in passing and does not warrant its own thread here.

So unless someone starts a new thread to announce a complete cure, and it's an interesting read that offers new insights or angles on the issue, it won't make it into this forum. This also frees me up from administrative tasks like moving topics between forums.

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