Heparin Instillations and Prelief

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Heparin Instillations and Prelief

Post by Dave » Thu Jun 26, 2003 8:33 pm

:idea: I am not a doctor but the info below is the result of one year of research and personal experience.

The odds are very few of the people on this site are suffering from a condition of the prostate. I say this from my own experience. Back in 1993 I got into bicycling and not that long after developed frequent urination that resolved after a very short course of sulfa-urine and urethral swab grew no bacteria. After this initial problem I noticed that I needed to urinate more frequently than before and never felt quite right. Over the next few years I had the same problem occur and again it would improve after a course of sulfa. I suspected that the biking had something to do with the problem so I stopped. Also, a flare up always was associated with excessive sitting. Then last year while doing squats at the gym I felt a strain in my pelvic floor that immediately resulted in nonspecific pain in my pubic area and right testicle. The pain seemed to move around. Over the next few moths I improved but the pain would return if I excised vigorously. At the same time I was doing a lot of deep hip flexion exercises like squats, stomach crunches and running. Six months after the injury urinary and erectile symptoms developed. I would wake in the morning with no erection and at night I would feel as if I was retaining urine after I would go to the bathroom. Urinary symptoms increased to include frequency and I developed more severe pain in my testicle and began to feel as if I had a golf ball in my perineum. I went to my GP and was diagnosed after a DRE with prostatitis. No culturing was done. Started sulfa, no effect, then Cipro, no effect, started to become concerned and began researching the disease. I read all of the bs articles that everyone else here has read even having my GP follow the AE Feliciano protocol. Started prostate drainage's which resulted in incremental improvement. Took more Cipro then flygal then amoxicillian improvement was gradual but frequency and burning urination was worse. Antibiotics seemed to aggravate the burning and frequency. Four weeks had passed since the onset of sever symptoms and seven months since start of testicle pain. I was also no longer sitting during the day, I started to sit on towels rolled up so that I put no pressure on my perineum and took celebrex, and stopped doing deep hip flexion exercises. Most of the pain disappeared but I continued to have frequency and tightness in my pelvic floor. I also noticed that my discomfort would go away when I would sit on a toilet seat. Frequency continued. I notice pain to the touch in my perineum area that would come and go, and I could feel spasms in my pelvic floor that was always associated with frequency.

I finally went to a urologist but he refused to run any test on me, gave me a dre and said take more Cipro--more Cipro did not work. I then went to a second urologist who did the very same thing except this time I did not fill my prescription. Finally I found a urologist who would work with me and perform the necessary test to see what my problem was.

I began treatment for IC (heparin instillations into bladder) --and the frequency disappeared and burning urination was less common.

If your symptoms are like mine you can rule out infection(no positive growth or inflammation) and prostate involvement(prostate is not enlarged).

I theorize in my case prostate massages worked because they were releasing the muscles in spasm in my pelvic floor. In fact I remember that during one massage I told the doctor that I felt pain in my testicle on the location he was pressing and he commented that he was not even touch my prostate.

Avoid excess sitting not because as one doctor put it you "sit on your prostate" but because you are sitting on your peudendal nerve and pelvic floor which is more likely than not your problem. If you do sit, sit on a cushion that does not put pressure on your perineum. Take a good anti-inflammatory and stop the antibiotics. Consider an anti-spasmodic. Find a pelvic floor physical therapist. Concentrate on relaxing your pelvic floor as much as possible and avoid all deep hip flexion exercises, i.e., sit ups, squats, prolonged erections and sexual intercourse, bike riding, running, stair climbers and the like. Walk only. My problem started with bike riding. Consider being evaluated for pudendal nerve entrapment. I have not taken this step yet because I am currently undergoing pelvic floor physical therapy which works in some cases.

Chiropractic adjustments of the sacrum and coccyx helped immensely.

Pray often. Great source of comfort during a hard time.

At least try IC treatments especially if certain foods seem to cause problems. Acid in food is the culprit not yeast. The acid acidifies the urine irritating the bladder and causing pain and frequency. Try an over the counter supplement called Prelief it works by neutralizing the acid in food. You take it when every you eat or drink acidic foods it allows me to drink coffee, tea, beer, etc. IC is not curable but good treatments are available.

In conclusion, I would guess most of the sufferers here are now or were in the past athletic or sit excessively. The pelvic floor musculature is the problem. When it spasms it irritates the pudendal nerve and causes inflammation mimicking a urinary tract infection. If it goes on long enough permanent nerve damage occurs. New research indicates that IC may be a symptom and not the cause of this condition. Apparently a protein is released in the bladder which causes bladder lining damage. It is possible this protein is released by sacral/pudendal nerve irritation and damage. I have not read the book yet but " a headache in the pelvis" is probably going to be the answer for a vast majority of sufferers of IC and pelvic pain. There is no pill or quick fix for this problem.

After a year my condition continues to improve and I am currently 80% better.

Good luck.


Post by Gabriel » Thu Jun 26, 2003 10:27 pm

You make some good points Dave. I agree that we need to drop the prostatitis name. I think CPPS is a far more accurate term, even though it may seem somewhat vague.

I agree with you completely in regards to the sitting. If you haven't tried it, I would whole heartedly recommend the cushion that is available from the site's Amazon shop (link available in webslave's signature). It's far superior to donut cushions and the two towel method.

Good luck with the PT and keep us posted!

gordon shumway

did u have cyscopy

Post by gordon shumway » Tue Jul 22, 2003 6:36 am

howdy Dave,

i have been told I have IC, but my symptoms change all the time the last 5 weeks I am experiencing this unbearable bouts of burning, the only relief I have found is sitz bath, before that it was pain in the testicles and groin area, also I get this feeling like I have done a work out at the gym as my upper legs get really sore after a flare up,

any tips to stop the burning

thanks Gordo

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Post by webslave » Tue Jul 22, 2003 3:33 pm

The burning is the result of nerve activity and cytokines. You must carefully read this board to find out what to do. The answers to your questions are already here.

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