My Success Story

Tell us about how you are beating this
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My Success Story

Post by mach5 » Sun Sep 23, 2007 9:30 pm

Long story short. Many years of this problem. Main problem is pain in the urethra after sex, peeing and stress.

Went to the SP clinic in Aug 2007.

One month before, I started doing some external trigger points, and general stretches. about 25% improvement in 1 month. I didn't celebrate, because, hey, sometimes better, sometimes worse. So.

Went to clinic. While there, got about another 25% better in that week alone. (Totally worth the money any time).

I havent been as good about keeping up my treatment as I should, however, I am slowly hanging in there with it. It hard to make it a real part of your routine. It does take work.

However, other than one bad weekend, I have held at 50%. Its only been a few months, but for me, it has been a blessing, even if it disappeared tomorrow. 50% better has meant being able to go out 50% of the time. Missing 50% less classes and just feeling 50% better about myself. Half glass full.

I think some of us dont celebrate too much, because that is part of the SP program. Because we know, 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Getting too excited and confident can sometimes hurt your success in this problem (or so I have been told by SP). I'm sure they have other reasons too. One thing Dr. Wise says to you when you are there "You dont have to believe me this will work, you just have to trust me long enough to try and see for yourself". So with that in mind, I am trying to take there words to heart for at least a year.

That all being said, I very much recommend the SP for everyone who hasn't been. Or at least to contact them. They really know what they are doing, at least by the very virtue of how long they have been doing this, how much they actually care about you, and what they have been through themselves.

So, in finish. That's my non celebratory success story. And now I am going out to meet a beautiful girl I know for a non celebratory drink :-D (mine will be coke!)

Age: 30 | Onset Age:19 | Symptoms: Urethral burning pain (tip of penis), some reddening (inflammation) of the urethral opening intermittently, rectal pain off and on. | Helped By: Avoiding aggravating factors, Wise-Tapes, Mild PT stretches, Benzos, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine | Worsened By: Urination, Excessive Sex, Not enough exercise, Stress, Alcohol, Caffeine, Cold Weather.
Typical Disclaimer: My above post is not medical advice.

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Post by scoobysnacks » Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:55 pm

Congrats, I've been and I'm easily 50% improved from that December 2006. I told myself I wouldnt post a success story until I'm about 95% recovered. But, yes since going I've seen marked improvement.

Thanks for sharing.

Age:29 | Onset Age: 25.5 | Symptoms: Initially burning in prostate/perineum, burning in urethra, uncontrollable muscle contraction before urinating, dual ache in groin, left testicle pain, feeling of golf ball in rectum, soarness in rectum, and muscle spasms, now mainly very mild urinary tract inflammation, burning mildly after ejaculation, some days after physical activity involuntary mild muscle contraction before urinating | Helped By: .5 mg of Ativan, Aleve (naproxen), quercetin, alcohol in large quantities (vodka and soda), stretching, walking, internal massage the perineum area and levators. | Worsened By: sitting, weightraining, jogging, coffee, caffeine in general, alcohol bothered me at first, overdoing sex

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