Wheat elimination

Tell us about how you are beating this
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Wheat elimination

Post by Ginty » Tue Apr 26, 2005 8:35 pm

Hi All,
Just wanted to report some success I've been having with cutting wheat out of my diet. I haven't been on what I would say is a gluten free diet, and I have cheated occasionally, but I have totally stopped taking the obvious wheat foods such as bread, pasta, cereals and pastries/cakes - all of which I was having on a daily basis.

I have replaced this with purely fruit at breakfast and then salad and chicken or fish at lunch and dinner. I still have rice and oatcakes occasionally. I also haven't cut out beer which is damn hard to do being a young man from Scotland (especially one recovering from SAD), but I do know that my symptoms definitely get worse after a 'session'.

I had seen success with eliminating wheat mentioned here before but I never really bought into it because I don't exhibit any of the usual signs of wheat intolerance - I'm not overweight/bloated and I don't have loose/frequent stools. Having said that I do have an atopic disposition and have allergies to nuts, eggs, dogs and suffer from hay fever.

However I was out for lunch a few months ago when something startling happened when I ate a curry that contained nuts.... I had been feeling pretty good with my 'prostatitis' symptoms but within an hour of eating the curry I was going through the full range. My lower back and kidney area burned as bad as it had ever been, my ass was burning worse than it ever had and my whole pelvic area felt on fire. I went to the toilet to get some time out and when I took my pants down found that my entire genital area, top of my legs, lower back and ass was bright red and inflamed. It looked as though I was wearing a 10 inch red belt.

Needless to say the fact that this allergic reaction happened in exactly the places where my chronic pain occurs was not lost on me and subsequently I stared on the wheat exclusion.

I am still far from cured but feel as good as I have felt in about two years. The white discharge in my urine is also diminishing and my semen looks as white as I can ever remember it. My energy levels have also risen such that I would say I feel normal now as opposed to feeling constantly tired.

So it's so far so good with this and I'll update as things progress.

I'd be interested to hear any informed opinions on this allergic reaction -- is this just a sign that there is a lot of mast cell activity in that area?

All the best,
Age: 29 | Onset Age: 18 | Symptoms: burning thighs, lower back, increased urination, cloudy urine | Helped By: sorting my head out (Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)), forgetting about it | Worsened By: wheat, stress/anxiety

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Post by webslave » Tue Apr 26, 2005 11:39 pm

If you are wheat allergic (celiac disease) it can take many months for the damage to be undone, so you can expect continued progress. My recent posts on how wheat can damage the nerves in some people is interesting here:

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