Cipro and Prosta-Q

Prosta-Q, Cernilton, Palmetto, Vit. C etc.
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Cipro and Prosta-Q

Post by Matt M NH » Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:02 pm

How long after finishing a 2 week dose of Cipro can I start on Prosta-Q?

To be honest, I am not sure that the Cipro has not helped.

It's more likely ...login to view the rest of this post
Age:27 | Onset Age:27 | Symptoms: Constant urge to pee. When I drink water I can get a quick and strong stream. Sometimes it's a hesitated and weak stram. Seldom and mild ache in perineum that might only last 10 minutes. Slightly less seldom discompfort in prostate (I think). Not too bad at all. Really, the urge to pee is the only thing I care to relieve. | Helped By: relaxation, hot baths, moral support from my wife, she's awesome!... Ativan when I had it... I will be getting on it full time soon (I hope) Not quite sure yet what else. | Worsened By: Anxiety, not sure what else yet

All of my prostatitis type symptoms were gone within 3 weeks of doing what Carld has in his list.
Drop that pelvis, relax, deep breathing, "Headache in the pelvis" book..... I'm not sure why it worked so quickly for me be but I was about as terrified as anyone here that I'd have to live with it. I really feel you don't!!!! Do the protocol. Have faith.

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