Another Success Story

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Another Success Story

Post by bdith » Wed Nov 27, 2002 11:58 pm

I hesitate to post this in the 'success story' section because I am not yet symptom free. However after at a little over 19 months, my symptoms are usually 5% or less of what they once were. In fact, lately I've been stringing together multiple 'virtually symptom-free' days :smile: (today for example). In fact generally I live life as if I don't have this problem and it is only during periods of increased stress that it actually truly bothers me.

Unfortunately, I do have stresses in life, so I do get set backs in terms of symptoms. However, if I had to live my life with the pain levels I have experienced in the past month, I certainly could.

My current protocol, if you can call it that. is 1.5 grams of quercetin a day and maintaining a regular ejaculation schedule (every 2 - 3 days).

I am excited by some of the recent advances in thinking around CPPS and think we may finally be turning a corner in terms of our understanding. For those who are only a few months in to this, take heart. It can get better with time AND treatments appear to be improving everyday. quickly some of the promising new treatments make their way in to mainstream practice is another question!




Post by brycie » Sat Mar 29, 2003 4:32 pm

hi has been a long time....

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