Merry Christmas Webslave and everybody

Tell us about how you are beating this
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Merry Christmas Webslave and everybody

Post by Sherradin » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:05 pm

Well its over a year now since attending the Wise Clinic and I am now essentially pain free.

Thank you Webslave for this site because if I hadnt combed it I would not have flown to California and found my missing link - the trigger points and over contracted pelvic muscles.

So Happy Christmas to all. I am off to New Zealand with the family for a few days with the family and wish you all a happy, healthy and calm 2011.
CPP since 2005. Prior to CPP always overly fit and active. I am female. Had two natural births: singleton 1998 and twins 2000. 2002 emergency back surgery - L5S1 herniation. Then recurring UTIs. Usual antibiotic overload. Then constant debilitating burning bladder and reaction to many foods. Australian Pain Clinic 2007. Turning point was Dec 2009 Attended Wise Clinic in Santa Rosa USA.
Was helped by strict diet but now eating normally after years of restricted diet - wonderful. Helped by: stretching,relaxation, yoga, trigger point, warm baths. Worsened by: stress, sitting, abdominal or glute exercises and salicylates
Medication: Now off all pain clinic meds no more Endone or Elavil only Lyrica 50 mg as Dec 2010 just reherniated L5S1disc and had discectomy. Its taken years but I feel I am over it.

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