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A Huge Improvement

Posted: Thu May 26, 2005 11:56 pm
by MastCells
I still have mild symptoms, and I occasionally have a flare-up. However, in general, I am much, much better than I was when I had full-blown CPPS a few years ago. My symptoms include post-ejaculatory pain and discomfort (especially if I ejaculate too frequently), minor perineal discomfort, urinary frequency and dysuria (both of which have improved significantly over the years), and post-void dribbling. I can now function as a full-time student with a part-time job. What has helped me? STRESS REDUCTION, venlafaxine AKA Effexor/Efexor (a SNRI), benzodiazepines, hydroxyzine, Ester-C (BUFFERED vitamin C), dietary modification (avoiding dietary triggers and eating a high fiber diet to avoid constipation), taking light exercise every day, and changing my philosophy of life.