I have been through hell

Tell us about how you are beating this
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I have been through hell

Post by AlChicago » Thu Mar 31, 2005 10:42 am

I would first like to thank webmaster for saving my life... you are doing important work.
I am now 99.99% better thanks to the advice I've gotten from this website.
My advice:
#1) Most important- find a good physical therapist. You cannot get better without somebody working on you "hands on" who knows what they are doing. This is the most difficult yet the most important step. Be ware... I went to 3 PT's before I found somebody who helped me. Biofeedback is not going to help. PT should be PAINFUL while you are going through it, but after your first appointment you sould feel like you're going in the right direction
#2) UNDERSTAND that this is muscular. Once you accept this (and not be convinced that this is some sort of infection) you will relax ....
#3)Buy a Theracane!!!!!!!!! Best way to treat external trigger points. I still use it and probably will never live without it. You will understand once a good P.T. works on you.... can treat many external trigger points between sessions.
#4)EXCERSISE!!! This will get blood flowing to places that need it, and also strech muscels that need streching- also strech before and after workout
#5)Never loose hope....YOU CAN GET YOUR LIFE BACK.... never forget. I am a living testament.
#6) Do these things and as hard as it sounds STOP OBSESSING! Follow the points above and RELAX....

Hope this helps.... I will get back to you if you have any questions.
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Post by CppsDad » Mon Apr 04, 2005 5:37 am

Thanks for the post. I hope all of you new sufferers read it. It's good advice. I have done almost everything he has listed in his post and I'm 50% better after 6 months. So he speaks the truth! I love my Theracane!

This is NOT medical advice. I am NOT a doctor.

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