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I really think Algonot Plus has helped me

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2003 3:50 pm
by jd
I am really wary to go out on a limb and say this, because IC/CPPS is such a day to day (or even hour to hour) condition, and the symptoms are so varied and relative to the person that has them....

but I really think Algonot Plus has helped my IC/CPPS.

I have been on it about 4 1/2 months now...the information about it says that it usually takes at least 3 months to work. Several doctors say that chondroitin is similar to Elmiron on a molecular level, and Elmiron can take 3-6 months to start working.

From July-Sept. before I started taking it, my condition had pretty much taken over my life. I couldn't stop thinking about it, didn't want to leave the house much, didn't want to date anyone, that sort of stuff.

I never had severe pain, but it was pretty throbbing and constant 24/7. Definitely not good for a 26 year old.

But now, my symptoms are pretty reduced. I don't want to estimate how much because who knows if they can come back and I don't want to jinx myself, and I still have good days and worse days.

But I am pretty sure I have gotten progressively better. I definitely don't think about my condition near as much now, I can go out and do things and not even think about it at all(or very little), whereas 5 months ago I couldn't do anything without thinking about it constantly.

Last weekend on one evening I went to 4 different bars, stayed out out till 3 am, had 3 drinks in a 5 hour period, and didn't think about my condition at all or have any problems from the alcohol.

There is no way I could have done that, or wanted to do that 4 months ago. So that in itself is a pretty good measuring stick for me on my improvement.

Unfortunately the next evening I went to a dance club and the dancing made me worse. So I gotta ease back into things slowly and see what I can and cannot do.

I really hope the Algonot Plus has helped me get better, because its the only thing I have taken for my IC/CPPS for the past 4 months. No painkillers or anything.

I'm positive my quality of life has improved since I've been on it(whether or not its Algonot or Placebo effect I don't know)

I really hope some studies about it come out, and I guess they have a new product or 2 with a few added ingredients out soon.

Anyone else been on this for a while or been helped by it?