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Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol: another success in the making

Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2004 4:51 pm
by webslave
Received from a member of this forum:

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that the forum is closed, but understand your reasoning. Doing what you have been doing is a blessing to sufferers.

I've learned more from you than any of the idiot doctors that I've seen.

Thanks to this website I went to see Dr. Wise in May and did the 6-day clinic. I've only been on the Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol for one month and have already noticed a big improvement in symptoms, although it is too early to really judge anything. I'm encouraged, and feel that following the protocol whole-heartedly will eventually get me to the point where my symptoms are little or none.

In addition, my visit to Stanford allowed me to visit Dr. Anderson and get assessed by a real professional who understands the condition. I've posted how he noticed a mild meatal stenosis. This is something that no other uro noticed at all. I feel that resolving this will help me continue my healing.

The work of Dr. Wise needs to be replicated and continued all over the world. Somebody should make a movie about his life. Maybe that's the only way to bring out the relevant theories of the condition. That way a uro who keeps giving some poor guy abx, has something else to answer to.

In any case, thanks for enlightening me and take care.

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2004 8:30 pm
by webslave
An interesting follow-up, which I think may unfortunately reflect a common experience:
Hi Mark,

I had my appt with a local uro yesterday with respect to the meatal stenosis. He's supposed to be one of the good ones around here, but I'm completely unimpressed.

I asked him if he had heard of the Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol, and I swear that he began to shake his head "no", but then said, "oh yes".

I started talking about the protocol and how my wife has been taught to do the PT, etc. He completely sluffed it off and recommended that I see a real PT instead. A PT who knows nothing of the Stanford approach.

He then goes ahead and books me for a cysto with urethral dilatation. I'd be put under. Now I've already had a cysto last year, and don't feel that it's necessary. He wants to do it anyway. Also, Dr. Anderson told me that my problem should be resolved by gradual dilation where I can be taught to do it myself. When I mentioned it to the local uro here he said that I would give myself infections and risk overstretching the urethra.

I'm confused as to which approach is better, but I don't trust this guy so I'm going to cancel the procedure. He started telling me that if he sees something he has a laser. I'd be put under, so would have no control over what this guy is doing. I don't like that. Anderson specifically told me "no surgery". Going in with a laser sounds a lot like surgery to me.

He also started telling me that when patients "used to" do the dilation themselves they would start doing it for sexual stimulation. I told him that I wouldn't do anything like that, so that's not an issue.

I'm considering going back to Anderson for treatment, since I don't trust any of the local doctors here. I really need an intelligent opinion on what the best way to treat the stenosis would be.

The best part of the Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol is that you are independent of uros. However, I don't yet have that advantage as long as I have the stenosis. But at least in the meantime my symptoms are improving. The progressive relaxation and PT is clearly helping me.

This uro totally sluffed off the protocol that I was doing, even after I told him that it was really helping me! He started talking about biofeedback, and that my problem is that I'm just too stressed out. Oh, and the best part is that he didn't even examine me, nor did he ask me what my pain symptoms are. But he was so quick to book me for the procedure. He was not even curious to see if he could see the same stenosis that Anderson saw. And if he had indeed heard of the Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol like he claimed, then you would think that he'd have questions for me about it. Like, "oh really, you went to CA and saw Dr. Wise?". He basically lied to me.

I also asked him what kind of pain I'd be in after the procedure. He said I'd be in no pain from the procedure. I had a cystoscopy before where there was no dilatation involved, and you feel irritated for a good couple of days. Why would he not tell me that? What idiot would tell a CPPS patient that he will not be in any pain!

Sorry for venting, I'm just really angry at these doctors.