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Standford Protocol Rocks !!

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 9:06 pm
by NoMoPain
Hello Everyone, I am a new member but unfortunately not so new with CPPS. The good news is that my symptoms have reduced significantly as a result of doing the Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol. I only started the protocol less than a month ago but I am feeling so much better ! I won't even go into how bad my symptoms were and how bad my mental state was. I would rather emphasize how much better I have gotten as a result of this protocol. Dr Wise is an amazing man and he has helped me through the most difficult time in my life when I felt hopeless about this condition. I am now convinced without a doubt that my condition was caused by chronic tensing of the pelvic muscles, which I am now learning to relax and heal. My first trip to the physical therapist was very painful but I was amazed at how much easier (almost painless) the second session was. I really believe anyone who has this condition should check out this protocol. The relaxation aspect of the protocol significantly reduces tension in the entire body, not just the pelvic muscles. For example, my shoulders have typically always been extremely tense and tight, even a massage would only make a small dent in relaxing them. But after 5 days of listening to the relaxation tapes my shoulder tension has reduced by about 40-50% easily (my wife could not believe it when she felt how loose my shoulders were). I am not 100% yet, but I am 100% confident now that I will eventually get there as I can now see how strong the connection is between the symptoms and stress\relaxation. Everday I do the stretches, relaxation, and I apply a heating pack to my pelvic area for about an hour (Dr Wise told me the best drug for this is heat and this has been my experience also since heat acts to relax tensed muscles, also I could not see myself sitting in a bathtub every day for an hour thus the heating pack). I sincerely hope that anyone who has this condition will check out the protocol. Believe me, I know how bad this condition can get (I was at the point where I was considering "checking out" due to the hopeless and helpless feeling (not to mention the pain) I had before I a had come across the protocol, thanks to this website who I also owe a lot to). The good news is there is plenty of hope !! :-D :-D

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 9:15 pm
by scotsman
Great post :-D

and great news for you :smile:

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 10:43 pm
by webslave
The Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol (which, to be fair, is an approach first hinted at by the misunderstood successes of "prostate massage", and has also been practised in one form or another by many physical therapists over the years, and is also a protocol practised independently by Jerome Weiss and others) seems to be gaining rapidly in acceptance and reputation.

We may have turned a significant corner in the history of the understanding and treatment of male chronic pelvic pain.


Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2004 3:37 pm
by NoMoPain
Hello Everyone, I wanted to give an update of my continued progress (I plan on doing this about once a month). It is my intention to provide hope and encouragement to the many men who suffer from this terrible condition. To date, I have had 4 Physical Therapy sessions and having been doing daily Paradoxical (Progressive) relaxation sessions for 6 weeks.

First of all, let me start by saying that over the last month, most of the time I am not having any pain at all !! I keep a daily symptom journal and here is an estimate of my symptoms:

35% Completely symptom free
50% No pain but there is varying degrees of tension
15% Pain and tension (but the pain is not as severe as it used to be).

Urinary symptoms are also greatly improving.

To me, the relaxation sessions are pure pleasure, as they are like a physical and emotional releasing massage. Also, I have taken up swimming as I have given up weightlifting since this puts a lot of stress on the Pelvic muscles (I had a flair up from weights about a month ago and thus decided to give it up for a while). After I swim I sit in the Hot Jacquzzi for about a half hour and I feel great !! I have had some setbacks (almost always due to stress) that have caused me some pain but the pain is not as severe and does not last as long. Thus I don't get as discouraged as I used to when I do have a setback. Yesterday was a major breakthrough for me as I realized I don't have nearly as much anxiety as I used to. I actually felt like I was no longer afraid of my condition. This was a great feeling and a huge confidence builder. As I mentioned in my first post above my shoulders are still much more relaxed than they used to be. I cannot emphasize enough how important both the moment to moment relaxation and relaxation sessions are (as described in the AHIP book).

Bottom line, I am not 100% yet but continue to significantly improve.

My best wishes for everybody.

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2004 3:47 pm
by scotsman

The great thing for me about the Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol and approaches like it is that you know that you will get better, that you're on the right path and it's only a matter of time. Makes coping with flare-ups so much easier.

Great progress and looking forward to your continued updates.


Posted: Thu May 13, 2004 2:16 am
by NoMoPain
Hello everyone,

Okay so here is an update for my last two months- To date I have had 10 Physical Therapy sessions and progressive relaxation for three and a half months.

Over the last two months I have felt completely symptom free somewhere between 70% and 80%. Pain has been with me less than 5% of the time and most of my nights in the last few weeks I am only making one trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. My urine stream is much much stronger than it used to be and less daytime trips to the bathroom too.

Bottom line is that I still keep getting better with this treatment.

I started a new job a month ago and that was pretty stressful. Okay so everyone out there knows that I am promoting the Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol that I certainly would not deny since it has given me back my life. Now I am also going to promote something else that has really helped me out a lot - About a month ago I came across a supplement that has helped me out immensely with reducing anxiety and stress and thus muscle tension and guess what my symptoms also. It is called GABA and it is an over the counter supplement (some type of amino acid derivative). The product I take is called "Calm Thoughts" from source naturals but there are many other brands out there (and no, I do not have any financial motives - my motive is to help others with this crappy condition as I have been helped by others too). So I take this supplement with Melatonin at night and I sleep wonderfully, and the next day I feel very relaxed with virtually no anxiety at all !! GABA has been compared to valium but GABA is not addictive - although I am not giving it up for quite some time since I did not seem to be able to control my anxiety well enough to sleep well enough. I have heard of this supplement helping others as well with stress\anxiety\sleep so I highly recomend that anyone with pelvic pain research this supplement as well as the Stanford/Wise-Anderson Protocol.

Don't ever give up hope because this condition had me in constant pain for a long time and here I am now pain free today on my way to being 100%.

Posted: Thu May 13, 2004 3:11 am
by webslave
Melatonin is mentioned at as being useful. That may be what's helping. More on melatonin and prostatitis ...

Posted: Thu May 13, 2004 3:32 am
by hodologica
I've sucked down a few grams of GABA too, 100-250 mg at a time. It is an amino acid and a human neurotransmitter. It's very relaxing to hed and pelvic floor alike and I think it has good potential for CPPS. The site below offers a very good overview.

On the other side of the story, "there is limited information on the safety of GABA supplements," as it says on that site. ... 27,00.html

I also recently stopped using it very much - along with GABAergic relaxants such as valerian tea - because of my increasing depression. I dont know if regular use of GABA has been linked to depression, but regular use of such GABAergic agents as benzos and valerian has been. "Regular" here I think means daily or near-daily for a few weeks or more.

Other aminos with relaxing effects are glycine and taurine. I havent studied those and know nothing about their safety or precise effects for CPPSers or healthy people.

Hopefully St Johns Wort (which really holds its own against SSRIs in study after study) will be a good anxiolytic for me, but I doubt it will be as muscle-relaxant as GABAergics, alas.

Posted: Thu May 13, 2004 6:13 am
by webslave
You can buy a very reputable brand of GABA here


GABA precautions

Posted: Sat May 15, 2004 7:34 pm
by EJango87
Looking on WebMD and from any kind of benzo supplement, I have to precaution anyone using too much GABA supplements for too long due to dependency effects. Any kind of external increase in GABA will cause your body to reduce the amount of GABA produced in your brain, until you are entirely dependent on that drug. I would caution anyone attempting to use external supplements, particularly benzos , in this regard.

Posted: Fri May 28, 2004 10:10 pm
by hodologica
Can you cite the page? I havent seen anything suggesting GABA supplements produce dependency. Not that I've studied GABA exhaustively, but i've seen some good, thorough sources like the one below, which mentions the lack of safety research, but makes no mention of addiction. ... 27,00.html

Posted: Wed Jun 23, 2004 7:12 pm
by AlChicago

Could you please send me the contact info for your P.T. Debbi Cayliff.

She is no longer at Healthreach.