My Pain Story, w/ Relaxation-Related Panic Attacks

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My Pain Story, w/ Relaxation-Related Panic Attacks

Post by HuckFinn » Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:43 am


I first logged onto this forum 13 years ago, after I’d developed a very severe case of chronic pelvic pain syndrome. The pain was so bad that I was nearly bedridden for many months. It was through this forum that I first learned about Dr. David Wise’s treatment approach. I eventually attended his six-day clinic, incorporated his techniques into my life, and saw a significant reduction in my pelvic pain. Though the improvement in my health took a couple of years to fully kick in, I eventually went from being nearly bedridden to resuming a normal life. I’m not “cured,” but I’m much, much better.

Prior to attending Dr. Wise’s clinic, however, I wasn’t sure whether his approach would help me or not. What exactly went on during the six-day clinic? How much does the trigger-point therapy hurt? How long would I need to follow the protocol before experiencing results—if any? Will I encounter any setbacks along the way? Those gnawing questions ramped up my anxiety level and cranked up my pain.

If you’re wrestling with similar questions, check out the newest episode of Painopolis, a podcast for people with chronic pain. I’m a health journalist and an editor of Painopolis, and I’m devoting two episodes of the podcast to recounting my battle with chronic pelvic pain syndrome. In an episode entitled “Our Anus Horribilis,” published yesterday (June 11, 2017), I describe the onset of my chronic-pain; how I learned about Dr. Wise through this forum; and why I ultimately decided to attend his clinic. In part 2, which will be published next week, I describe in detail my experience of attending Dr. Wise’s clinic and what happened afterwards.

In that second episode, I tell the story of an unexpected setback that nearly derailed my progress. (This setback was not the fault of Dr. Wise or his clinic.) As you may know, a meditation technique called paradoxical relaxation represents one of the cornerstones of the Wise-Anderson Protocol. For reasons discussed on the podcast, I began having intense panic attacks not long after I’d made paradoxical relaxation a twice-daily habit. I’d gone my whole life without ever having a panic attack, but suddenly, I was getting clobbered by them. What’s more, those panic attacks only happened during my paradoxical-relaxation sessions. As if the panic attacks themselves weren’t awful enough, they were seriously undermining a key component of my therapy. On the Painopolis podcast, I describe this bizarre phenomenon and explain how I managed eventually to overcome it.

So if you’re curious about what goes on during Dr. Wise’s clinic, or if panic attacks or other setbacks are impeding your efforts to dial down the pelvic pain, you may find those two podcast episodes worth hearing. They’re free. You can find them at The Painopolis podcast is also available free on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play.

If you have any questions about my pelvic-pain journey, feel free to contact me. You can reach me via the Painopolis website at

FYI, the Painopolis podcast is for general information only. It’s not to be used as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Likewise, I’m a journalist, not a doctor, and I don’t give medical advice or make medical recommendations. Always consult with your doctor before making medical decisions.

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Re: My Pain Story, w/ Relaxation-Related Panic Attacks

Post by SoraStar » Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:50 am

I hear a lot of good stuff about the Wise Anderson Clinic. I'd love to go but the cost is just far beyond anything I could hope to get any time soon.

Glad to hear that you are on the right path to recovery though!

I've only just started my journey with this condition.
Age:20 | Onset Age:16 | Symptoms: General Mild Pain & Discomfort, Pain & Pressure in Perineum (rarely) | Helped By: Less Stress. | Worsened By: Stress Stress STRESS | Other comments: Feel free to add me on Skype if you'd like to chat!

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