How many people here had Panic Attacks before CPPS?

Severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression etc
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How many people here had Panic Attacks before CPPS?

Post by JoVoChicago » Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:41 pm

I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder at age 19.

I spent most of my 18th year of life locked in my bathroom with Agoraphobia experiencing terror for no ...login to view the rest of this post
Age:46 | Onset Age:42 (first occurence Age 17). | Symptoms: A belt of pain that wraps around my waist radiating down my groin & into testicles. Also: Radiating from hips down thighs, Urinary urgency even after voiding, lightning bolts of pain that shoot through my rectum, penis & perineum, muscle spasms in my bottocks, fear of sexual arousal or erection. | Helped By: Hot Water Therapy, RSA Breathing, Pacing more than sitting, Avoiding Negative People, Painting & Writing, Painkillers. | Worsened By: Wearing Pants, Anger, Panic, Depression, Stress, Vigorous Sex, Prolonged Sitting, Constipation, Abrupt Movements, Lifting/Carrying anything more than a Gallon of Milk, Forgetting to do the above things I'm helped by. *Ejaculation is a Mixed bag: It definitely relieves pressure & pain in my Abdomen (as well as a good emotional release) - But, causes bigtime burning in my penis & perineum for 10-45 minutes after.

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