Central sensitization in chronic pelvic pain

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Central sensitization in chronic pelvic pain

Post by Caedar » Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:12 pm

Pain Physician. 2013 Jul-Aug;16(4):291-308.

[size=150][b]Central sensitization in urogynecological chronic pelvic pain: a systematic literatu...login to view the rest of this post
Age: 26 | Onset Age: 23 | Symptoms: Neuropathic-like pain and hyperalgesia (lateral/anterior thighs mostly, but distributed throughout body); Pain (penis shaft, right side, when erect for long or excess masturbation) | Previous Symptoms: Pain (testicles; penis underside, mostly near base and running up urethra, sharp/burning; perennial region, dull; ejaculatory; post-ejaculatory); Urinary (moderate incomplete voiding; moderate frequency and pain on bladder filling); Sensations (cold in head of penis) | Helped By: Stretching (especially hip rotators and flexors); Yoga (especially lunges, warrior 2, and pigeon) Trigger point release (abdominals; iliopsoas; gluteus muscles and piriformis; bulbospongiosus & ischiocavernosus; thigh adductors); Meditation (mindfulness); Walking & Aerobic Exercise | Worsened By: Stress, anxiety, too much alcohol, lack of sleep, sitting at length | Current prescriptions: nortriptyline (10 mg, 1x at night; for CNS sensitization and IBS) Previous prescriptions: hydroxyzine (10 mg, 1x at night; for urinary symptoms/mast cell stabilization; useful), clonazepam (0.25-0.5 mg, 1x at night; for anxiety/CNS sensitization; useful for short time)

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