Every CPPS sufferer should watch this Alan Gordon interview

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Every CPPS sufferer should watch this Alan Gordon interview

Post by carbonevo » Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:43 am

You've spent countless hours on the internet and prostatitis forums, you have absolutely nothing to lose spending 2 more hours to see things from a di...login to view the rest of this post
Onset Age: 23 , Current Age: 24 Symptoms: Pain in butt/ prostate area, buttocks when sitting for long, pain during sex - especially erections were very painful... pain moved slowly to the left side after reading about the PNE bullcrap. Helped By: Relaxation, massage (temporary relief), the real difference made for me understanding that this is induced by the Brain/Central nervous system as tension, therefore addressing the tension psychologically, not physically. During flare ups I use a strong dose of tramadol - 100mg extended release, works magic for me. If your symptoms improve when distracted or during vacations and stress worsens your symptoms I urge you to:
* Read John Sarno's books
* Read Ezer's story on this site.
* Explore the TMSwiki site and read every single success story there. (even the non CPPS)
* Pay a special attention to Alan Gordon's posts.
* Read Clair Weeks book Hope and help for your nerves (apply the concepts to CPPS).
Current status: more or less cured if stressful events and emotional conflicts did not flare up my symptoms. This does not affect my life in any aspect anymore, because I dont allow it to.

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