Front page submission about CPPS

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Front page submission about CPPS

Post by yoink15 » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:00 am

So a guy made it to the front page by doing an "Ask Me Anything" thread about his (particularly severe) form of CPPS.

You can read it here:...login to view the rest of this post
Age: 35 Onset Age: 31
Symptoms: An almost constant feeling of the need to urinate all the time. Pain in the penis, at the tip, and "behind" the penis inside the pelvis. Also urethral pain after ejaculation. No rectal pain or symptoms at all.
Helped By: Hot baths, Dr. Wise's relaxation tapes. Internal trigger point work every two days with the Wise-Anderson Protocol wand.
Worsened By: Ejaculation (changes the pain to a burning sensation most times) Alcohol increases urinary frequency greatly. Falling "off the wagon" and not following the Wise-Anderson Protocol protocol.

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