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Kevkos - Here's my Story

Post by kevkos » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:45 am

Hi there,

I officially joined the forums a couple weeks ago, and have been learning a lot reading various posts. I thought it might be helpful to me...login to view the rest of this post
Age: 43 (UPDATES 1/2015) | Onset Age: 39 | Symptoms: pain when bladder fills (MUCH BETTER NOW), some pain in urethra (ALMOST NO PAIN NOW), low libido (90% back to normal), some pain in upper pelvic area (80% not there anymore), not able to void completely (This is still a problem but slightly better now), dribbling (still a problem but slightly better), pain after ejaculation (sometimes 24 hrs or so) (ALMOST NO PAIN NOW EVER AFTER EJACULATING!) | Helped By: Relaxation, breathing, mindfulness, reading "Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Life", light but consistent exercise, taking the herb kratom (once a day max), not sitting for long periods, not focusing too much on the problems. | Worsened By: stress, masturbation (sometimes), sex (only occassionally), not sleeping enough, drinking lots of caffeine. No longer taking Terozosin (3 months with only minor relief), Elavil 10mg (3 weeks with minor relief, but side effects of brain fog too much). Now taking: 6000mg vitamin D (over a year), 3000 mg fish oils (over a year) 3mg/1 teaspoon kratom several days a week with breaks

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