Tip of penis sensitivity and pain

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Has your penis-tip sensitivity to friction worsened so it bothers you even if you're just sitting?

Yes; it started as occasional sensitivity to friction, but I can always feel it now.
No; I've had tip-of-penis sensitivity to friction, but it hasn't progressed to pain over the years.
Other/I do not have this symptom.
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Tip of penis sensitivity and pain

Post by kevin » Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:12 am

Sensitivity in the head of the penis (the glans) is a subject that comes up frequently here. A number of people mention discomfort when the penis rubs...login to view the rest of this post
Started: Spring 2003; high urinary frequency and pain associated with bladder filling; urinary hesitancy and mild dribbling after urination; pubic/prostate/perineal discomfort; Helped by: Afrin nasal spray, Cymbalta (these meds help me if taken 3 days straight), hydrocodone (small doses), distraction, eliminating wheat/gluten from diet. Makes worse: sex.
Your question has probably come up before. Please use the search function.
Not medical advice. Consult your doctor.

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