Why can't I get Wise-Anderson treatment in my city?

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Why can't I get Wise-Anderson treatment in my city?

Post by webslave » Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:57 am

Recently a member of our forum commented:
There are no urologists that use the Wise-Anderson Protocol. I have checked all over the greater Dallas Texas area and no one knows of this Wise-Anderson Protocol that I have been able to find. Kinda "weird" IMO.

Spending approx. $8000 to go to the classes in California is a gamble. I am no expert; if I was, I would have this fixed by now. I really think Dr. Wise should have PT's and urologists trained, on board with his protocol by now. It just does not add up to me why more do not embrace this Wise-Anderson Protocol.
  1. Many urologists now routinely refer patients to physical therapists due to the publication of numerous studies about the Wise-Anderson protocol in leading urological journals. And more and more physical therapists are offering intrarectal and pelvic trigger point massage in response to this (but unfortunately without the psychological training that should accompany it).
  2. Regarding complaints about having to travel, price, etc — Dr Wise's response to complaints about price and lack of local availability is simple: if you are not confident in the Wise-Anderson approach, go elsewhere, go to someone in whom you do have confidence.

    Yes, it's inconvenient to you that you cannot access the Wise-Anderson treatment in Texas your home town. But this is an inconvenient condition, a difficult condition, to which the medical profession has provided no real answers. So the inconvenience and difficulty are to be expected.

    So really, you either accept that the Wise Anderson protocol is a unique offering, and go to them for treatment, or you find someone else in whom you have confidence and go there instead. Kvetching about the price, the unavailability in your city etc is pointless. Move on.

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