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Sitting: the Best Cushion here

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2003 3:36 pm
by webslave
Sitting is important for people with pelvic pain. The best and most comfortable cushions (and mattresses) are made from Latex. That's why Latex cushions are used on wheelchairs for invalids. Latex cost a bit more than ordinary foam, but it's the best option. A latex cushion will outlast a foam cushion may times over, so in the long run it's the cheaper option. Get yours here.

AliMed wrote: * Best in quality and firmness
* Pincore construction keeps cushion cool
* Breathable double-knit cover

AliMed Latex Wheelchair Cushions are the firmest, most resilient latex cushion you can buy! For wheelchair seating, you should insist on the very firmest available (ILD 45 or better). Softer, cheaper cushions lose resilience.

High quality, navy blue polyester knit covers are open weave for comfort and aeration, double knit for stretch and elasticity to avoid "hammocking" and zippered for easy removal and neat appearance. Durable and inexpensive