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by Mike
Fri Dec 20, 2002 7:51 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The cause of non bacterial prostatitis?
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Is this the table you have? How does the motor controlled legs work just press a button and it lifts up to standing height :o

Do you have a link for the motors?

by Mike
Thu Dec 19, 2002 2:46 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The cause of non bacterial prostatitis?
Replies: 15
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Not sure sitting is the only cause for me in my case. Student life though in computing does involve sitting loads IMO. Your life revolves around sitting all day every day! Wish I could still sit :evil: - a man mentioned a stand in his office on the forum anyone know where that can be purchased? Seem...
by Mike
Thu Dec 19, 2002 2:08 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Just was diagnosed with severe prostatitis.
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Sorry to hear this aspirin2004, I suggest reading everything on this site as a priority - it's amazing best resource on the net for our disease! Will get you up to speed quickly. Your not alone :-D loads of us hang out hear, you will find some good discussion on this board and support. Good Luck, Mike
by Mike
Sat Dec 14, 2002 12:31 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Activity of Effexor in emotional and physical pain
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This drug was my biggest mistake ever, it did nothing for my depression in my first month of CPPS and made it impossible for me to sleep as for pain relief absolutely nothing. Talk about messing with your head! Not everyone will find this I am sure just my personal experience on this drug which real...
by Mike
Wed Dec 11, 2002 12:14 am
Forum: Mental Health Problems
Topic: Depression
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Many young guys have this problem, I'm 22, it is not nice to have it at such a young age but don't let it beat you use this site and look for a way to control your symptoms. We actually do have hope for the future as there are some very intelligent minds working on CPPS, and in our lifetime I am sur...
by Mike
Sun Dec 08, 2002 10:42 pm
Forum: Other treatments
Topic: Prostate massage
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I had a few massages (in UK) all of which helped but they where wide apart in time and only few (3 massages, around 2-3 weeks apart). I think I am better than before them. Before them my pain was *ridiculous*, those few did bring it down from which I believe I still have some benefit from, although ...
by Mike
Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:21 am
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: urethritis
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Can nerves also move pain around different areas in the CP/CPPS pain areas? I mean the referred pain being in one place at one time and in another place the other while still being the same point of origin? Hope this makes sense....

by Mike
Wed Nov 20, 2002 1:44 am
Forum: Phytotherapy & Supplements
Topic: Prosta-Q in UK
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European shops may simply not be aware of....

UK and European sufferers: European shops may simply not be aware of any of the products that we use. It simply may be a case off going to your local health shop/supermarket/pharmacy etc... (chain probably best) and asking to speak with a manager about the situation whom will more than likely refer ...
by Mike
Sat Nov 16, 2002 11:30 pm
Forum: Surgery, Injections, WIT, TURP, TUIP etc
Topic: Any information on intraprostatic injection??
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Made worse....

I know someone that had Intraprostatic Injection that lives in my area and it has made him *worse* than previous to getting it he told me.