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Access to the forum is only allowed after payment of a $20 (or more) donation (or fee). By donating to the forum you are assisting in the continued life of the forum for yourself and other sufferers, both now and in the future. This is not a money making scheme. Example costs of our Forum are listed below. Like all things in life, nothing is free:

In addition, before a donation was made mandatory, the forum was overrun with up to 20 or more registrations a day, making it impossible for the admin and moderators to maintain an orderly and polite atmosphere, and threatening the continued viability of the site.

The forum also acts as a tool for the dissemination of new developments, abuse protection (quack doctors), support from fellow sufferers and lobbying the doctors, many of whom read our forum for specific areas of research.

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If you are not able to donate anything at this time, there is still a lot of useful information at the main website and in the free access forums.