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Prosta-Q Offer from Farr Labs!

prostaq Exclusive to this site! For a limited time Farr Laboratories, the maker of Prosta-Q, is offering a one-time, one month's supply of Prosta-Q FREE for first time customers!* Just call Farr Labs at 1-877-284-3976 and mention this offer:

30-day FREE trial of Prosta-Q (just pay S/H)!
Starting 30 days from your FREE trial order date, you'll automatically receive a fresh 60-day supply of Prosta-Q every 2 months at the lowest available price of just $79.98 (regular price is $99.98) plus $7.95 s&h per subsequent shipment, which will conveniently be billed to the card you provide at the time of your free trial order. There's no minimum number of shipments to buy and you can cancel future shipments at any time by calling (877) 284-3976.

Subsequently, on a one-time refill order of Prosta-Q, mention this ad to receive a 10% discount off the regular retail price plus $6.95 S/H.

Remember - to receive your one-time free month or to qualify for the 10% discount you must mention this website!

This website recommends Prosta-Q as the only form of quercetin that has been studied by academic urologists. It is formulated in a proprietary way to ensure maximum bioavailability.

We say: Don't decide whether or not quercetin can help you until you have tried Prosta-Q.

A Typical Experience

This e-mail is from Debra Kelley via Prosta-Q Web Site (made public here with permission of Mrs Kelly)

Date: 08/20/2002

Email address: debmama1953@aol

Your product has changed my son's life. He suffered chronic non-bacterial prostatitis for 1 year prior to taking Prosta-Q. He is now symptom free and I believe we owe this to your products valuable ingredients. Some may say it was a coincidence that 3 weeks after he started taking Prosta-Q his symptoms were gone but I find this hard to believe when my 19 year old refuses to be without it for fear he will be in pain again only to be ignored by urologists who refuse to believe a 19 year old has prostatitis because no bacteria is in the urine. How naive are these people. THANKS TO YOU WE HAVE FOUND RELIEF.....



* This offer is limited to those who have not used or purchased Prosta-Q or Cysta-Q before. All you have to do is pay shipping and handling.