Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to use broccoli sprouts tablets instead of your broccoli treatment against prostatitis bph?
Broccoli treatment is not comparable with broccoli sprouts. 

In your experience about how long will it be before I begin to see even a slight improvement?
After seven days begin the improvements. Some patients see it on next day.

I just read your info on the Broccoli treatment and I do not find the instructions for 45 days. I have had BPH for 25 years. A friend told me that 45 day treatment is 7 days on and 3 days off for the 45 day period. Are the 3 day periods included in the 45 days?
No. 45 days don't include 3 days periods.

Should one avoid spices completely or can they be taken in small quantities?
Chilli, curry and black pepper are absolutly forbidden. Salt is allowed. But don't add anythings to the broccoli broth to liven the taste up.

Should sexual contacts be maintained during the course of the treatment ?
No. Broccoli Broth increase also the ejaculate volume. Sexual contact is healthy for prostatitis patients.

Can we continue antibiotics after taking Broccoli treatment ?
Yes, you can take the antibiotics after the meal.

Is it necessary to purchase fresh broccoli each day or can I use frozen broccoli?
There is no difference between fresh or frozen broccoli. You can not store the broccoli broth more than 48 hours in refrigi. It is better and more effective to prepare it every day. But you can store the unboiled raw broccoli for several weeks as frozen.

Can you add salt to the broccoli broth to liven the taste up a bit and still achieve the same therapeutic results?
Never add anything to the broccoli broth to liven the taste up.

I think your protocol is working. I just finished my Second three-day-off period, and as soon as it began I felt 70% better, first time in 6 weeks. Does this sound typical? Should I keep going after 21 days? Should I take Quercitin pills afterwards?
Yes, it sounds typical. Broccoli contains several kinds of bioflavonoids also quercetin, it is not necessary to take extra quercetin pills. You destroy the active bioflavonoid equilibrium, if you add extra quercetin pills to the broccoli broth.

Is it ok if I grind the broccoli into small pieces before boiling it for 7mins, so that there is minimum wastage of the broccoli.?
Of course, if you mix the boiled broccoli with hand mixer, you profit more.

Should I take anything else with it like honey tablets. I am planning to take silver water.
One point is important, you drink the broccoli broth always empty and wait 20 minutes. After 20 minutes you start the meal. During the meal or after the meal you can take the medicine or pills which your doc ordered for you.

I quite like broccoli and would prefer to just eat it either raw or cooked. Is the liquid part important or just the broccoli consumption?
The liquid part is very important because it contains the valuable therapeutical bioflavonoids against prostatitis.

I am in the middle of my 5th week of the 45 day broccoli treatment. I am carefully following your instructions, but unfortunately, I am not feeling any improvement. I still loose sleep at night and I have pain that moves around in my back and I have a weak urine stream. Doctors tell me that I have non-bacterial prostatitis. Do you think that I should continue weeks 5 & 6 of broccoli treatment? Any suggestions?
If you have no improvements within 21 days, it is not necessary to follow the broccoli treatment.

If I am not cured from the broccoli, but feel better, can I do it every day for my whole life? Is it safe to do that? Will it make me healthier cholesterol and anticancer too?
It is not necessary to do it every day for your whole life. It is also not safe, every day to consume broccoli broth. It is true that broccoli reduced cholestrol, blood glucose and also cancer fighter. You can make the broccoli cure for 3 or 4 times in one year for 10 days after the first 21 or 45 days treatment.

Must you adhere to the dietary recommendations (no spice, animal fats, etc.) during the 3 days off?
You can consume only in moderation.

I have a problem. My partner can't understand why boiling the broccoli is better than eating the same quantity raw or steamed. She worries about destroying the nutrients.
It is necessary to boil the broccoli, because raw broccoli contains some enzymes (like myrosinase), which are causes different metabolic reactions so that the antibiotic activity of ingridients of broccoli reduce. The simple way to avoid (destroy) the enzymes are to boil the raw broccoli for 5-6 minutes. After boiling all 8 phytochemicals (bioflavonoids) which are very effective against urogenital tract infections. Against prostatitis, BPH and uro genital tract infections we don't need the enzymes, but we needs the bioflavonoids. It is not possible to destroy the valuable bioflavonoids via boiling (but not more than 7 minutes).

Is it alright to put some celery in with Broccoli when I boil it?
Absolutely not right. Don't add anything to liven the taste up.

Specifically what spices are forbidden? Are salt, pepper, and garlic permissable?
Salt, garlic are permissible. Chilli, pepperoni, black pepper, curry are not allowed.

Should I avoid vitamin supplements while on BT?
, a medium size stalk of broccoli provides 220% of your daily value of vitamin C. That same medium stalk of broccoli provides 15% of your daily value of vitamin A, in the form of beta carotene.

Is milk considered an animal fat to avoid?
Not more than one glas per day.

Can the broccoli broth be consumed either hot or cold and does refrigerating the evening dose harm the contents? I have been drinking the morning dose hot and then putting the rest in the refrigerator until I return home to consume it in the evening.
You can drink it hot or cold. You can put the rest in the refrigerator until you return home to consume it in the evening. Boiled Broccoli Broth can be stored maximum 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Should alcohol be avoided during BT.
You can drink only one glass white wine. Not red wine.

Is decaffineated Tea allowed?
Yes it is allowed.

I started the revised 10 day broccoli treatment about 8 days ago. For the past 5 days I have felt a tickling sensation in the prostate. I do feel better than I did before I started the treatment. I have less discomfort sitting and can sleep with my knees together. I am hoping the tickling sensation is the prostate healing. Should I continue this for 45 days since I have had prostatitis for 6 years ?
Yes. You should continue 45 days treatment.

Author : SARACOGLU Ibrahim Adnan Prof.Dr.
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