About the Webmaster

webslaveMy name is Mark and I call myself “webslave” on the internet. I started this site in the late 1990s because there was an abysmal lack of information for men with chronic prostatitis/CPPS on the internet. The only site was prostatitis.org (password for the page is “pf”), which was (and still is) a confused mish-mash of cockeyed theories and misinformation, specifically that CPPS is an infection of the prostate (disproved again and again by modern research).

My own case of CPPS started in 1991. I was an IT consultant, a systems analyst, controlling a team of programmers in a large institution. The pressure was intense. I worked most weekends, even when they were spraying the building interior with pesticide (chlorpyrifos) for insect control. I used to find myself sweating with stress on occasion, and I had to get up and pace around the office every half hour to control the tension. I was involved in building key systems for the corporation and if I made the slightest error, millions of dollars could be lost. My life was ruled by unrealistic deadlines. I had the most senior people in the corporation calling me several times a day for updates and the conversations were often tense. Long story short, I developed a bad case of CPPS that made walking difficult, such was the extent of the pain, and I found it harder and harder to do my work, even though my employers allowed me to work from bed at home. When I finally resigned they replaced me with four people, which made me realise I’d been pushing myself much, much too hard.

After several years of rest and a diagnosis of CPPS + CFS, I was still unable to return to full-time work without symptoms returning. I had resigned from work in my thirties. It was a bitter blow but I came to accept it. Fortunately I had other interests and hobbies, and other ways of making money.

Today I am happy and healthy and totally cured of CP/CPPS (and have been since around 1999-2001). How did I get better? Well, after the usual run-around with doctors and urologists, begging for my prostate to be removed (!), I finally stumbled on my own form of Wise-Anderson protocol, long before psychologist David Wise and urologist Rodney Anderson devised it. I’d already implemented the relaxation side, and a few years later, using an improvised device, I was able to hit trigger points (today much safer devices are available, such as the Wise Anderson Wand). I was then 60% better! Then along came Prosta-Q, and that moved me to 80% better! It was like a miracle (thank you Danny Shoskes and Farr Labs!). The final step was excluding gluten from my diet (a strategy that does not work for everyone), and that brought me to 100% better today. Those were the major turning points. There were a few other minor tricks and stratagems I used, but they’re discussed on the forum.

After receiving many emails from men telling me that this website had literally saved their lives, I decided to keep it open. But for me to put the effort required into it, a little sponsorship was needed. I decided to ask Farr Labs and David Wise for token support, because they are, in my (by now) fairly expert opinion, definitely on the right track.

I want to thank all the people who have helped me maintain this website and the forum over the years: Mike Kavanagh, Chris, Kevin, Richard, Matt, Danny, David, Fred, Alan and Mike. There are others and if I have not mentioned you, it’s not because I’ve forgotten you, but because my wife is calling me outside to do some gardening! Thanks one and all.